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Commission Price Sheet (COMMISSIONS OPEN!) by Blabbercat Commission Price Sheet (COMMISSIONS OPEN!) :iconblabbercat:Blabbercat 0 0 Sleeping Sniper Commission Piece by Blabbercat Sleeping Sniper Commission Piece :iconblabbercat:Blabbercat 3 0 Doll in Moonlight by Blabbercat Doll in Moonlight :iconblabbercat:Blabbercat 4 3 2 Year Anniversary Blabbercat and Darkbearman by Blabbercat 2 Year Anniversary Blabbercat and Darkbearman :iconblabbercat:Blabbercat 3 0 Shy Girl Practice by Blabbercat Shy Girl Practice :iconblabbercat:Blabbercat 0 0 Melanie Martinez Cry Baby Fan Art by Blabbercat Melanie Martinez Cry Baby Fan Art :iconblabbercat:Blabbercat 2 2 Blabbercat Avatar Pic by Blabbercat Blabbercat Avatar Pic :iconblabbercat:Blabbercat 6 0 Melanie Martinez Cry Baby Sketch by Blabbercat Melanie Martinez Cry Baby Sketch :iconblabbercat:Blabbercat 1 4 Garden Lolita by Blabbercat Garden Lolita :iconblabbercat:Blabbercat 1 0 Lolita Fashion Inspired Sketch by Blabbercat Lolita Fashion Inspired Sketch :iconblabbercat:Blabbercat 3 3 Nao Tomori from Charlotte by Blabbercat Nao Tomori from Charlotte :iconblabbercat:Blabbercat 0 2 Menma from Anohana by Blabbercat Menma from Anohana :iconblabbercat:Blabbercat 2 0 Princess Mononoke by Blabbercat Princess Mononoke :iconblabbercat:Blabbercat 1 0 Usui From Maid Sama by Blabbercat Usui From Maid Sama :iconblabbercat:Blabbercat 4 0 Tomoe by Blabbercat Tomoe :iconblabbercat:Blabbercat 1 0 Ao from Yona of Dawn by Blabbercat Ao from Yona of Dawn :iconblabbercat:Blabbercat 1 0


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello, I live in Virginia Beach and have been drawing since I was 11, and have been drawing digitally since I was at least 16, mostly on apps on an iPad, like Ibis paint, Medibang pro, and Procreate before I upgraded recently to a Wacom drawing tablet and Clip Studio Paint Pro. I have mainly been using art as a hobby and haven't always shared the outcomes of that hobby to the world. I have started taking it to a more professional level or maybe better off described as a Freelancing for now, but that means I will be taking commissions, though I will only be accepting ones I feel like I can handle/complete which will depend on how many I currently have pending and the amount of effort required for the request.

I occasionally stream my art and if you would like to watch me draw sometime, I stream on Twitch with the username Blabbercat. I will leave a link to my channel, and any other places where my art/info is usually leaked out to the internet down below.



I am currently open to taking commission jobs, my strong suit is people/characters. I look forward to working with anyone who offers me up a job! ^-^
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Commission Price Sheet (COMMISSIONS OPEN!) by Blabbercat   Doll in Moonlight by Blabbercat   Sleeping Sniper Commission Piece by Blabbercat   2 Year Anniversary Blabbercat and Darkbearman by Blabbercat   Blabbercat Avatar Pic by Blabbercat  

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Commission Price Sheet (COMMISSIONS OPEN!)
Hello! I am open for commissions and here is my price sheet for now! Now there was some information I did not provide on there that I will get to right now.

1. I will not take a job with less than a two week MINIMUM deadline unless you are willing to pay extra because that will require me to prioritize yours over anyone else's that I may be working on.

2. Yes I will take Credits but prefer PayPal, Zelle, or Messenger.

3. Any job over 10$ I expect a partial or half non refundable (except for super RARE cases) down payment dependent on how much the full cost is before I start working on your piece, otherwise I will not take the job, wasted too much of my time not getting paid, sorry for the honest people who deal with this because of the dishonest jerks. I will send you the finished product once the rest of the payment is made. If the piece is finished and you change your mind you do not get a refund, the money is not only for the artwork you are getting but to pay for my time spent making it.

4. No I don't do NSFW pieces that include any type of pornography, fetishes, or violence to young children. I will draw certain types of gore but nothing extreme (though that term is subjective to me)

5. You must have a general idea of what you want or else it will either cost extra or I will not take the job. I can't draw something that I have no clue what it is. And if you have a small idea but can't give any references or a very good description (or change details over and over again) I will charge you for the extra time and effort that is being used for your piece. the rates will go up in 5$ intervals (ex. 15 changes or restarts of a sketch or major detail will raise the price then another 15 will raise it again by 5$) I wont keep track of changes that aren't unreasonable but if you requested something unreasonable like wanting your character holding a specific weapon in one pose then decide after the sketch is already finished and in great detail you want another pose entirely with a different weapon, that is a lot of my time wasted.

6. If the commission is too personal for you let me know and I won't add it to my portfolio/social media, otherwise I will post it. If you are asking for something for a twitch/youtube channel or blog or anything like that, I'm perfectly fine and happy to post links to your profiles/business as long as they aren't inappropriate sites.

7. If you are commissioning me to make something that you will be adding to merchandise to sell (t-shirts, mugs, pins, posters, ect.) you must let me know.

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Sleeping Sniper Commission Piece
Hello! this is a Commission I finished a few days ago! It took about a week to finish, and I'm not too happy with it in some area's but the client loved it so maybe its just me or maybe I am just not liking what they wanted in the picture.. either way it is what it is. Please feel free to comment down below as well as message me if you are interested in doing a Commission with me, I am currently open (as of today March 3rd, 2018)
I think that is all I have to really say about this piece, I hope people liked it ^-^

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Doll in Moonlight
So this took me a bit, but I wanted to experiment with some things and overall I really like how all of this turned out. Feedback is greatly appreciated, so comment away. I streamed a lot while drawing this, and in the future I plan to stream my art more so if you are interested in tuning in sometime my twitch is Blabbercat you can look me up or click the link down below! I will also leave links to my Instagram and YouTube and such in case any of my art gets leaked there.

Facebook Page:…
2 Year Anniversary Blabbercat and Darkbearman
So I had originally planned to post this on Monday, the 19th of February (The actual day of my Boyfriend and I's Anniversary) but decided since it was already finished and I have nothing to post for Valentines, this is still a perfect day to post it. This picture is of me and my Boyfriend that as of the 19th of February, it will be two years that we started dating. It has us with T-shirts that have our gamertags on them (and animal ears to match for fun) We both met online and were friends before we decided to start a relationship. We met on a gaming group in Teamspeak and lived states away from each other when we started dating. I wasn't in the best situation either but we both worked hard to keep things going and even managed to go to my Prom together and he even made it to my Senior Project Presentation. A little over a year ago we made the huge step to move in together so we didn't have to live so far apart. since then we have moved two more times together and now have finally settled into our own place, just the two of us. It has been tough, we have both had our ups and downs both together and as individuals but always have been there for each other in those times. I couldn't of asked for anyone better to be with, and he has given my life a direction to go towards when I had no clue where to go. I love him with everything I have and I hope that we have many more years together ahead of us, even though don't I have no worries about him going anywhere anyway. 
                                                                                                                                                LazyIcon I wanna use - 11 heart 


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Hello! this is just a small goal I have because this is my first time posting something like this on my Deviant art profile so if you want to help me reach this goal or just, in general, want to help me out by donating because you like me or my artwork it would be very much appreciated! I will personally respond to everyone who donates. Once I reach up to 1200 points, I will use these points to acquire core membership in order to give back to Deviant art as well as improve my deviant art experience.

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